Saturday, May 05, 2007

Vive la France!

As the French go out to vote a new President, I send them all my well-wishes...

I'm in two minds about which leader would be best. I quite like Ségolène Royal, but some people tells me she's mean and lack ideas. Nicholas Sarkozy has ideas and likes order and respect. Order in the sense of ORDER! or just good organisation, is a question. Royal was brought up in a military family and rebelled against her father's oppressive order. But she's not a hippie. Just look at her.

A curious fact is that both of them sued their own father (Sarkozy by helping his mother) for not paying for their children's maintenance and education. Sarkozy's father left the household when the kids were still very young, while Royal helped her mother divorce her abusive father.

I have nothing really clever to say about them or the French elections. Will some divine inspiration descend upon me in this very moment? Nope. I'm dry like an autumn leaf in the Gobi desert.

God bless!