Monday, March 05, 2007

Give constant thanks

I came across this beautiful piece as I 'randomly' opened a page in Eileen Caddy's Opening Doors Within:

"Give constant thanks for everything. There is much to be grateful for; open your eyes, look around, and see how blessed you are. As you do, you will find yourself filled with an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude, and the whole of life and living will take on a new meaning. The people around you will mean more to you because your heart is filled with love for them, and you have a deeper understanding and tolerance towards them. You will find yourself grateful for them, for their love and companionship, for just being themselves. Your eyes will be open to all the beauty and harmony around you, to the wonders of nature. You will see with eyes that really see; you will hear with ears that really hear; and you will speak with words pf love and understanding. Life will be good for you because you are taking nothing for granted, but are appreciative of everything and can see My hand in everything."

It was just the perfect message for me today. Thank you!


Roger said...

Thank you!

batti said...

Important and beautiful words!

So is everything good with you? UK's treating you alright? :-)

Meru said...

Yes, Thank you!:) You got the point!


UCK is treating me very well, thank you. I'm grateful for every day that I'm here and all the lovely English people. I'm even grateful for the weather [am I going over the top?]


batti said...

Grateful for the English weather... Sounds a bit strange; but you and I ususally don't agree on anything so why should the weather be any different? :-)

Meru said...

Yes, it's a funny concept:)

However, it's warmer over here, AND the grass IS greener.

It might even be drier than Göteborg. But I'm grateful for the Gothenburgers too. They're lively and funny.

I think you suffer from amnesia - we've done many tests that testify that we're quite similar.

But it's true that we differ in that I'm a theist, while you're an atheist. So you're right:)

batti said...

I'm always right! ;-)

I'm planning a trip to London in May or June. I haven't been in England since 1998! (I don't count stopovers at Heathrow)

It's insane; that's 9 years ago; I really think it's time for a trip again! :-)

Meru said...

Just thinking about the weather thing... Just saw on the news about the weather in Gothenburg...

So yes, I'm grateful for the English weather. :) So maybe I'm right after all... :)

Yes, you should come over here. Why not visit Oxford? It's much nicer than London.