Monday, January 08, 2007

Kula Shaker and Govinda

It's such a long time since I heard Kula Shaker and now I've found them on the Tube...


Gateen said...

Hare Krishna,

I went and saw Kula Shaker sometime last year. They have got back together and are currently finishing their new album. for more information.

Nice to see you blogging in English (Mother) Meru, it's much more easier to understand than that other language you use :p

Hope you are well,


Meru said...

Haribol Gateen!!!

Don't you like Swedish?

I like Kula Shaker's music. They have something good and creative about them.

What's your blog? I haven't put much energy into mine yet. I just send in a doodle now and then.

Take care,

Mother Meru

Survivor said...

A doodle? I know you're such a creative writer. What's stopping you getting quality stuff on?!

Kirtaniya said...

Time? Par example...

I somehow lost the energy for it and haven't yet gotten it back. But I think it will come...


Thank you for your gentle prodding.