Friday, February 02, 2007

Global warming

Today we finally got an official statement by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that the planet is heating up due to 'human activity'. It took its time to figure that one out...

I guess that anything that makes us more conscious of our relationship with the planet and nature is good, but God did it take time to get there! I wonder though if it will change people's thinking, or if we will just find out another way of earning money - i.e. exploiting the green economy. I'm all for people becoming rich in good ways, but the same mentality that led us into an environmental disaster, won't bring us out of it.

We need green thinking, whatever that means. I guess I mean holistic thinking. That we stop thinking only 'what's good for me?', and think, 'what's good?', or 'what's the right thing to do?' The idea that 'what's good for me, is good for everyone' is passé. Now is the time for 'what's good for everyone, is good for me'. Don't you think?

I saw 'An Inconvenient Truth' last week, which I found quite revealing.


Kristin said...

I absolutly agree with you! The time is over for individutalistic way of thinking. And what can we do with all money when the hole world is destroyed.


Meru said...

Yes, and if we think holistically, of what is good for everyone (and that might vary) then our solutions will be satisfying.

It's neither that all are the same and what works for some will work for all, nor that what works for 'me' will be good for all. The trick is to find solutions where a variety of attitudes and inclinations are accomodated.

In todays politics, national interest is the most important factor, but if national interest is pursued divorced from the interest of other countries, then we create problems for ourselves, ultimately.

Thank you! God's blessings on you too.